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How to Lose Unsightly Bulges How to Lose Unsightly Bulges - Using Smart LipoMany women have areas on their body where it is nearly impossible to lose weight with dieting and exercising, but fortunately, there is a new liposuction procedure available. Body sculpting is an easy process at Lakewood Aesthetics in Dallas under the guidance of Dr. Todd McCarty. Liposuction is perfect for removing smooth or dimpled fatty tissue from these areas of the body:

• Jawline
• Thighs
• Abdomen
• Neck
• Arms

SmartLipo is a minimally invasive procedure that does not require huge incisions or a long recovery time. Patients can choose to have several body areas treated in one session or undergo multiple treatments at their convenience.

What is SmartLipo?
SmartLipo is a high-definition form of liposuction that uses a thin and hollow cannula to gently suction or drain melted fat from targeted body or facial areas. A specialized laser is used by Dr. McCarty to dissolve fatty tissue underneath the skin to make it easier to suction with a thinner device. Because a thin cannula is used, patients require tiny incisions that heal quickly without needing numerous stitches. The most important part of undergoing SmartLipo is having a surgeon who knows how to move the cannula under the skin to remove liquidated fat to create a firmer surface.

How Does SmartLipo Work?
While SmartLipo requires melting fat with a laser passed over the skin, a patient does not experience any discomfort because it is a device that emits light at certain ranges. The probe inserted into underlying tissue uses ultrasonic pulses to break apart the cellular membrane of fat cells to release liquid that is drained with a cannula. After the liquidized fat is removed, Dr. McCarty focuses on making sure the laser closes tiny blood vessels to prevent bleeding. A SmartLipo procedure requires less than two hours but helps to make patients look more youthful and sculpted.

SmartLipo is Suitable for the Face
Also known as laser lipolysis, SmartLipo is not designed for weight loss but can smooth bulges on certain areas of the face, neck or body. Because the incisions are incredibly tiny, patients experience less discomfort, bleeding and bruising. After the localized fat deposits are removed, patients can rest at home for one to two days before returning to normal activities. This form of liposuction is appropriate for many areas of the body, but is especially popular for the face because it requires tiny incisions.

Dr. Todd McCarty MD

 Dr. McCarty

Todd McCarty, M.D. is a leading board certified, fellowship trained weight loss surgeon with an aesthetic background located in Dallas, Texas. For Dr. McCarty, the overall treatment goal is medical and surgical weight loss as well as aesthetics to improve the face and body, as well as achieve something deeper and more far-reaching that elusive quality of self-esteem and positive self-image. As Dr. McCarty explained, “We use extensive clinical experience and innovation to deliver the latest advances in weight loss and aesthetics and have a wide range of treatments available in both of our locations.” McCarty Weight Loss Center and Wellness and Lakewood Aesthetics are two dedicated facilities to bring out the best possible enhancement in appearance and rejuvenation.

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