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Learn More About Laser Hair Treatment from Lakewood AestheticsLaser Hair Therapy Explained
Losing your hair can be a bit scary, but there are effective therapies to promote regrowth and restoration. One of the best approaches to restoring hair is laser therapy, which can produce results in 60 days. You can see less thinning, more and faster growth, greater texture and better color. Since hair moves through distinct cycles, it is believed laser therapy stimulates the anagen phase, which is when hair grows. While there is increased hair thinning in the initial stage of laser therapy, this is a sign the treatment is working, and you will soon see thicker, healthier hair.

Typical Response to Laser Therapy
The treatment typically produces the following results, which may vary depending on the individual.

From the beginning of treatment through week six, you may experience an improved scalp condition with less itching and reduced hair loss. Hair is shinier and easier to manage.

At week eight, about 45 percent of those undergoing treatment will begin to experience hair regrowth. If you fall into this group, your present hair will feel thicker, and you will see new, fine hairs growing on the scalp.

Between weeks eight and 12, another 45 percent of patients will see the full benefits of laser therapy. At this point, your hair loss has stopped, regrowth is progressing well, and the entire head of hair looks fuller and healthier.

While the majority of people who receive laser treatment will see all the benefits by 12 weeks, it is not unusual for others to need a longer time period to see results. It should be noted that seeing hair growth on the very top of the head is difficult, and you may need a stylist or another person to help you assess progress. In addition, you may not get the result that you expected, but if your scalp feels better and your hair quality improves, then laser therapy has had a positive effect for you.

If you are interested in laser therapy, please us for a consultation and to explore your options for thinning hair.

Laser Tattoo Removal Laser Tattoo Removal - What You Can ExpectThough tattoos are immensely popular, about 50% of all people who get a tattoo later rethink their decision. If you have an unwanted tattoo, modern laser tattoo removal methods can easily erase it with almost no side effects. Short, high-intensity pulses from a Q-switched laser pass harmlessly through the top layers of your skin in order to break up the tattoo ink. Your natural immune system then removes these tiny particles of pigment, and the tattoo quickly fades. Depending on the size and color of your tattoo, you may need multiple sessions in order to fully remove the tattoo. Most sessions take between five and 40 minutes to complete.

Since the lasers used in the treatment target specific colors, the effectiveness of a single tattoo treatment will depend on the colors of your tattoo and the color of your skin. Dark inks absorb laser energy better, so black and red tattoo inks are the most easily removed, while yellow and aqua pigments can be somewhat difficult. If you have a tattoo with multiple difficult colors, it may not disappear completely, and you will need more sessions in order to remove the ink.

Laser tattoo removal can be mildly painful; many people describe it as feeling like a rubber band is being snapped against your skin or hot specks of grease are splattering on you. Painkiller injections and topical anesthetic creams can be applied to the tattooed area in order to prevent pain, but many patients say the discomfort is so mild that painkillers are not necessary. As soon as the treatment ends, you can use an ice pack in order to soothe the affected area.

Right after the treatment, the tattooed area may look red or puffy, and your skin may blister and peel in the next week or two. It is important to apply antibiotic ointments and wear a bandage until the area is healed in order to prevent any infection. The chance of scarring is minimal, but applying Vitamin E or scar prevention creams will decrease your risk. It will take at least three weeks for your body to reabsorb the tattoo pigments that were broken up by the laser, and it is best to wait at least eight weeks between treatments. After your last treatment, the final results may not be apparent for up to 12 weeks.

Dr. Todd McCarty MD

 Dr. McCarty

Todd McCarty, M.D. is a leading board certified, fellowship trained weight loss surgeon with an aesthetic background located in Dallas, Texas. For Dr. McCarty, the overall treatment goal is medical and surgical weight loss as well as aesthetics to improve the face and body, as well as achieve something deeper and more far-reaching that elusive quality of self-esteem and positive self-image. As Dr. McCarty explained, “We use extensive clinical experience and innovation to deliver the latest advances in weight loss and aesthetics and have a wide range of treatments available in both of our locations.” McCarty Weight Loss Center and Wellness and Lakewood Aesthetics are two dedicated facilities to bring out the best possible enhancement in appearance and rejuvenation.

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