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Monday, 31 August 2015 17:02

My ThermiTight Experience By Guest Blogger: Patient Wyatt

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Guest Blogger: Patient Wyatt

My Weight Loss StoryWyatt Yates Before and after weight loss
I grew up as a "bigger" kid, but by High School I was just plain fat. I finally decided to do something about it. I began eating better (mainly chicken and vegetables). I also started running and working out regularly. Over the course of 2 years I lost close to 100 pounds. I felt great and I looked better, healthy and trim. But all that weight loss had left me with loose and saggy skin around my stomach. I had worked so hard but I was still unhappy with how my body looked. I worked out diligently for another year and saw no process on this weird pooch of skin that did not belong on my new body. It was so frustrating.

My Appointment
When I turned 20 I decided to seek medical help - I thought a tummy tuck might be my only option and that kind of surgery just plain scared me, but I am desperate. I visited Lakewood Aesthetics for a consultation for my excess skin. Dr. McCarty and the Laser Specialist, Crystal examined the skin and walked me through a new procedure that did not require surgery or any major cutting. The procedure is called ThermiTight.

Basically, ThermiTight is done with a small laser that is placed under your skin through a tiny incision and the fat is burned or more accurately melted away by the managed heat of the laser which is created by radiofrequency waves. I was excited, this was the perfect solution for me, 6 days later I went it for the procedure.

thermitight treatment recovey belly bandMy ThermiTight Experience
I was told to take Ativan, 1 hour before the procedure and a second one right before I went in. This medication was to calm my nerves for the treatment, I was nervous but Crystal made me feel at ease. She walked me through the process step-by-step; showing me the laser and how it worked. She showed me the infrared screen that they used to monitor the internal heat of the laser. This would guide Dr. McCarty throughout the procedure and help him target the areas of fat that needed to be reduced.

They gave me a local injection at the incision site (I had 3 tiny incisions) and Dr. McCarty gently put the laser under my skin - not gonna lie, it was weird. I felt like a video game controller as Dr. McCarty would slightly move the laser then refer to the infrared screen to see where the heat level was. I could feel the heat but it did not hurt, just a foreign feeling. Crystal and Dr. McCarty continued talking me through what they were doing and checking in that I was doing ok. Two hours later I was done.

I left the office with three average sized Band-Aid’s covering the incision areas, plus a wrap for my stomach. I had to have a ride home and was told to just rest for the rest of the day and take it easy the following day. I slept well that night and woke up a bit sore the next day, taking a break from the stomach wrap and Tylenol helped. I rested that entire day but by the next day I was ready to go. I was just a bit swollen.

My ResultsWyatt before and after thermitight treatment
I noticed real results 4-5 days later as the swelling went down, the loose skin just wasn't as loose. I was sent home with a stomach wrap that I was supposed to wear 12-24 hours for 3 weeks. but I kept it on a majority of the time for 4 weeks. I did a follow-up with Lakewood Aesthetics a week after the treatment and everything looked good. There was still some swelling and that lasted maybe 10 days in total, not bad swelling just kind of puffy. There was no pain and I was happy with my results; I was told it would get even better as the weeks passed and it did. 4 weeks later and the difference is amazing the skin is tight and snaps back and you can’t even see where the incision marks were made.

Would I do it again? Definitely, I am so happy with the results.

Click Here to See a Before & After Video.

Call us at 469-547-6181 for more information ThermiTight or to make an appointment.

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Dr. Todd McCarty MD

 Dr. McCarty

Todd McCarty, M.D. is a leading board certified, fellowship trained weight loss surgeon with an aesthetic background located in Dallas, Texas. For Dr. McCarty, the overall treatment goal is medical and surgical weight loss as well as aesthetics to improve the face and body, as well as achieve something deeper and more far-reaching that elusive quality of self-esteem and positive self-image. As Dr. McCarty explained, “We use extensive clinical experience and innovation to deliver the latest advances in weight loss and aesthetics and have a wide range of treatments available in both of our locations.” McCarty Weight Loss Center and Wellness and Lakewood Aesthetics are two dedicated facilities to bring out the best possible enhancement in appearance and rejuvenation.

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