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Aesthetic Treatment Study Treating Aesthetic Dermatological Disorders

(wrinkles, skin laxity, fat and/or cellulite)
With New Investigational Therapy

This study is to evaluate the clinical effectiveness of an investigational device for the treatment of aesthetic dermatological conditions (wrinkles, skin laxity, fat and/or cellulite). The device uses non-invasive radio frequency to heat tissue directly below the skin’s surface. The study involves up to four (4) treatments and two (2) post-op visits to treatment site.

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Dr. Todd McCarty MD

 Dr. McCarty

Todd McCarty, M.D. is a leading board certified, fellowship trained weight loss surgeon with an aesthetic background located in Dallas, Texas. For Dr. McCarty, the overall treatment goal is medical and surgical weight loss as well as aesthetics to improve the face and body, as well as achieve something deeper and more far-reaching that elusive quality of self-esteem and positive self-image. As Dr. McCarty explained, “We use extensive clinical experience and innovation to deliver the latest advances in weight loss and aesthetics and have a wide range of treatments available in both of our locations.” McCarty Weight Loss Center and Wellness and Lakewood Aesthetics are two dedicated facilities to bring out the best possible enhancement in appearance and rejuvenation.

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